1. Accept the terms

Users who enter the ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall (www.allnewsemi.com) indicate that you have signed the terms of service agreement with ALL NEW SEMI Electronics Co., Ltd. ANSC Online Mall may, at its sole discretion, change the content of these terms at any time, and will publish an announcement on this website if the terms are changed. Once announced, it will automatically take effect. ANSC Online Mall will try its best to ensure that all information and data are true and valid. In case of price adjustments by manufacturers and changes in the supply quantity, ANSC will have the right to unilaterally modify the information and prices displayed on this website. If new functions are added to this website, ANSC will also notify all users through website announcements. If you do not agree with the changes of this website, you must stop using the "service". The revised "Terms" will automatically take effect immediately upon publication on the ANSC Online Mall website. Your use of or access to this website constitutes your acceptance of the revised "Terms".

2. User use

ALL NEW SEMI CO(ANSC) online mall can provide you with a lot of inventory information, you only need to query the part number, you can get information such as "manufacturer, date code, quantity, price," and so on. However, you must ensure that any data information obtained is used reasonably and shall not be used as a data source for websites in the same industry that compete with ANSC Online Mall.

ANSC Online Mall only provides you with more accurate product information, such as: quotation, delivery date, etc. If you need to place an order on this website, you can place an order after confirming it by "confirming the inquiry form" or directly contacting online sales.

After you reach a purchase agreement with the ANSC online store, you need to pay the full amount in advance in a timely manner. After the ANSC online store receives your remittance, the order will take effect immediately.

ANSC Online Mall will provide you with more accurate delivery information as much as possible. In case of delay in delivery (delayed by the manufacturer's production time, weather and other objective factors) ANSC Online Mall will contact you in time.

The delivery time provided in the ANSC online store refers to the time after the order is confirmed and in accordance with the normal delivery method under normal inventory conditions. The time it takes for the delivery process is for reference only and does not serve as the basis for you to determine the specific time of arrival.

After you receive the goods delivered to you by the ANSC online store, please complete the receipt and inspection within one week. If there are any problems with the outer packaging or product quality, please report to the ANSC online mall sales staff within one week, and the ANSC online mall will provide you with solutions and assist you in completing the return and exchange process.

3. Termination of service

ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall reserves the right to terminate the service to you at its own discretion without prior notice to you. For example: you did not confirm the order with ANSC sales staff in time; you did not provide remittance information in time.

If the data of ANSC Online Mall changes, such as: product discontinuation, product embargo, decrease in inventory, price increase, etc., even after signing a purchase agreement with you, the decision to terminate the service can be made according to the current situation.

4. Privacy Protection

This website attaches great importance to the protection of user privacy. All user information you provide to the ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall, including ordering information, receiving information, remittance information, billing information, etc., this website will try its best to keep your information confidential.

5. Copyright Notice

All data information, pictures, text, logos, etc. on the ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall are owned by ALL NEW SEMI. Without the consent of this website, you shall not display or use or otherwise deal with all the information on this website in any way, nor shall you indicate to others that you have the right to display, use, or otherwise have the right to process all the information on this website.

6. Quality Assurance

SEMI (ANSC) online mall and you has reached the promise of product quality assurance. Please be sure to complete the receipt and inspection within one week after receiving the goods. If there is a quality problem, please show the test report or submit the use test feedback report within 30 days. After the ANSC online mall confirms with the supplier or the original factory, and determines that there is a quality problem, ANSC online mall will assist you to complete the return or exchange. If you have no objection to the product quality within 30 days, it will be assumed that the product quality meets your requirements for use.