1. Retrieve and change password

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Step 1: Click the [Login] button in the upper right corner of the ALL NEW SEMI homepage to enter the account input page

Step 2: Click [Forgot Password] at the bottom of the input box on the page

Step 3: Please enter the email address you used to register. You will receive a temporary link to reset your password.

1. When will the goods arrive after the order is placed?

Dear Customer: Hello! When placing an order, according to different procurement channels and brands, the order will have a corresponding estimated time. You can confirm it on the shopping cart details page, or carefully read the arrival time limit on the order contract. After the order is successfully placed, we will arrange the purchase for you as soon as possible and guarantee the timeliness. (In case of force majeure factors such as natural disasters, international situations, etc., it will be negotiated separately)

2. Can the parts in the shopping cart be placed at any time?

Dear Customer! The products added to the shopping cart can be directly placed on the same day. Due to uncertainties such as system cache and exchange rate adjustment, it is recommended that you place the order as soon as possible after confirming the part. After submitting the order online, a service consultant will comprehensively review the order for you. Please pay attention to the service consultant's news, and carefully confirm the order information on the purchase contract. If you have special needs, you can also add remarks. The validity period of the product information in the shopping cart is 2 days. If it exceeds 2 days, it will be invalid. You need to check the product information again.

3. Can I cancel and modify the order at will after placing the order?

Dear Customer! Under normal circumstances, if the products ordered on the same day are modified or need to be cancelled, please contact your service consultant in time to modify or cancel the order before the purchase channel closes the order on the same day. If the cut-off time limit of the purchase channel has been exceeded, the order cannot be cancelled except for special circumstances such as out-of-stock, inconsistent date code, and inconsistent specifications, etc.

4. I have many parts to check. Is there a convenient way?

Dear Customer! For some customers who have batch query needs, ALL NEW SEMI(ANSC) online mall has launched [BOM distribution], click [BOM distribution] to enter the details page, and upload the BOM to the designated location. Support xls, xlsx, csv, and other formats, the file should not be larger than 5M. The information of the completed BOM is valid for 24 hours. It is recommended that you confirm the order as soon as possible to avoid data changes affecting the purchase. For specific matters, please contact your service consultant for communication and understanding.