Q1:Are the products sold on ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) reliable?

Dear Customer! ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall is a leading electronic industry service platform in China. It has maintained close cooperation with excellent suppliers in China and the world for a long time. It enjoys a good reputation in the field of international suppliers, and strives to establish strong supply channels and perfect products solution for customers. Our huge inventory data comes from nearly 2,000 original manufacturers, agents, distributors, and stockists around the world, with more than 20 million valid data. Can provide customers with: integrated circuits, optoelectronic components, embedded modules, passive devices, active devices, interconnection devices, electromechanical components, circuit protection devices, enclosures, thermal management, wire/cable products, which can meet your needs from All purchasing needs from R&D to mass production! The suppliers selected by the ANSC online store are strictly screened and the quality is guaranteed. Thank you for your attention to the mall, and I wish you a happy shopping!

Q2:How long is the return time for quality problems?

Dear Customer! If the products you purchased in the ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall have quality problems that cannot be debugged, you can refer to our return and exchange policy and perform return and exchange services according to the corresponding procedures. First, you need to log in to the ANSC mall account, click on the member center to find the service center, enter the [after-sales service] section, and search for the relevant order number to apply for after-sales service. Our staff will contact you within one working day after receiving the application, and communicate with the supplier as soon as possible. After the quality problem is confirmed by the corresponding supplier, you can send the relevant goods to the address provided by the ANSC online mall. Relevant refunds and exchanges will be completed within one to two weeks after receiving your returned goods. (Note: In the process of replacement, the arrival time needs to be estimated according to the actual inventory of the supplier) Thank you for your attention to the mall, I wish you a happy shopping!

Q3:When a refund occurs, how long will it take to arrange a refund?

Dear Customer! ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall always adheres to the service concept of "Qality first, Customer first", and we will immediately provide you with a refund service for after-sales problems directly identified by ANSC after-sales personnel. If the after-sales personnel cannot identify it, the order needs to be checked and refunded by the corresponding department after the supplier recognizes that there is a problem with the goods and agrees to return the goods. We will complete this work within one to two weeks after receiving the reply from the supplier. After the refund is completed, the staff of ANSC will also confirm the payment to you in time. Thank you for your attention to the mall, and I wish you a happy shopping!

Q4:Who will bear the postage for the return and replacement?

Dear Customer! Where the supplier and ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) have agreed that the goods have quality problems, the freight incurred during the return period of the goods shall be borne by the ANSC online mall. Thank you for your attention to this store, and I wish you a happy shopping!