1、What is inquiry?

"Inquiry" on the ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall refers to the process in which customers inquire about the price from the ANSC online mall according to their own purchasing needs.

The customer initiates an inquiry to the ANSC online mall according to the part number and quantity of the product they need to purchase, and the ANSC online mall displays the latest relevant data of the product. If customers still have questions about ordering related products, they can communicate one-on-one through online sales. After the agreement price is reached, the inquiry ends, and then the order placement stage can be entered.

2. How to make product inquiry?

ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) online mall, as a professional electronic industry service platform, consistently provides customers with high-quality direct purchase services for overseas components. You can inquire about your target product information in the following ways:

(1) Inquiry directly through the ANSC online mall: When you enter the ANSC online mall, you can directly enter the part number and quantity you need to purchase in the search bar. The ANSC online mall will integrate the product information you enter, and directly display the price, inventory quantity, manufacturer, and other details for your intelligent search.

(2) If the relevant product information provided by ANSC online mall meets your ordering expectations, you can directly select 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy Now' to place an order online.

(3) If you have questions about the search price, or want to know more about other product information, you can click on the part number to enter its details page to view the specific parameters, or consult directly through online sales.

ALL NEW SEMI (ANSC) wish you a happy shopping in this mall.